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ResultsMail Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I import a new list of contacts?
If you would like to import these contact to send to, follow these steps:
  1. Select Create New > Contact.
  2. Select the list to import your contacts to or create a new list.
  3. Click on the Next Step button.
  4. Open the import template in Excel and copy and paste the contact information into its corresponding column. The only column that is required is the email address. The others are there for you if you would like to use them.
  5. Save the template file without changing or removing any of the column headers or any columns, make sure it is saved as a CSV. The best way to do this is to just click save without re-naming it. If Excel asks you if you are sure, click yes.
  6. In import contacts, select the group you recently created, click browse to find the template file you just saved, and then click the submit button.
The Import Contacts does not seem to work, it keeps telling me it has imported 0 contacts.
The most common cause of failure in imports is either a missing column or column header that has been changed.

Please note that although the only required column is email, the other columns and column headers must remain in place for the import to work.

How can I import a list and make sure that it only pulls in the new addresses, not ones that are already in ResultsMail that I may have sent to before?
During import you need to select the option - Will not be copied to this list but will remain in their other lists.
How can I export a list of all of my unsubscribed contacts?
If you export all of your contacts to Excel it will include a Subscribed column.  If there is a zero (0) in the subscribed column, it is unsubscribed.
When I attempt to export my large list of contacts it displays an error.
This occurs when you have a very large list of contacts and your browser's connection to our servers times out in the process. We ask that you try your export one more time. If you continue to receive this error please send an email to our support team from the Ask Us a Question form within your account or via our contact us form for assistance.
How can I delete all of my contacts that bounced so I do not send to them again?
There is no need to delete email addresses that have had a hard bounce. ResultsMail unsubscribes these for you. A hard bounce occurs when an email address can not be delivered because it either no longer exists on that email server or the domain itself does not exist. These are automatically unsubscribed from your list, so there is no need to delete. Deleting actually creates a problem because it makes it possible for you to accidentally import known bad addresses at a later date.

If you are attempting to delete email addresses that have had several soft bounces, you may export the list and then select just the email addresses and copy them. Go to Contact Options and select delete or unsubscribe and paste them in the box. Delete will remove them from your list, unsubscribe will flag them so they are never mailed to nor are they ever able to be re-imported and mailed to in the future. We recommend you use the unsubscribe option since you have determined you do not wish to keep attempting to deliver email to that address.

How can I delete email addresses from my contact list?
ResultsMail does not recommend deleting email addresses because this causes you to lose the unsubscribe and hard bounce history of the email addresses. This could leave you open to Federal fines of up to $11,000 per email sent to a previously unsubscribed contact.

If you are simply looking to re-shuffle the location of contacts, you can always go to Manage Groups and delete the current groups. This will drop your contacts into ungrouped. You may then import a new list to a new group. Any contacts that are in the new list and also in ungrouped will then be moved out of ungrouped and into the new group.

If you have added names or other data to your contacts that you would like to use in ResultsMail, you will need to delete the contacts first before you can re-import with the new data. This needs to be done carefully so that you do not delete unsubscribed contacts. If you have a group of contacts you would like to delete and replace, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Lists then click view icon for the list of contacts you want to work with.
  2. Click on the Export icon to Export to Excel.
For Lists, how does the classification of "Assigned" and "Available" work?
Available shows you the lists that the contact is not a member of. Assigned shows the lists that the contacts has been assigned to. In the edit contact window you may click on an Available list to move it to assigned, thus assigning that contact to that list. You may also do the opposite to move a contact out of a list. The same holds true for selecting the lists to which your email campaign will be sent.

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